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Our Technology

Toridion are actively developing in several key quantum technology areas

From fin-tech and info security to ESI emotional synthetic intelligence and quantum memory systems, Toridion is making active advances in multiple technology fields using state of the art quantum software simulations and hardware.

Applications span:

  • Machine intelligence technologies including Autonomous Cyber Citizens
  • Data compression
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Room temperature quantum computing
  • Communications and secure communications
  • Biotechnology and healthcare #Biotech
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Financial Technology #Fintech including Blockchain and Tangle technologies
  • National Security and infrastructure protection
  • Space and Aviation #space
  • Astrophysics Applications

Quantum is in it's DNA

Toridion is a global leader in the design and development of quantum memory architectures. Quantum memory simulations and associated hardware approaches have allowed us to unravel some of the most useable aspects of quantum processing that have immediate real world applications today – not in 20 years.

Our approach was simple but effective. Classical digital storage and processing is the reason we are facing the problems we face today.  Digital computing has a fundamental flaw in its very DNA. The logical conclusion was to find a new way to store data that learns from our past mistakes and lends itself at a fundamental level to quantum computing techniques.  To that end we developed Toridion Quantum Neural Network Storage.

Application Specific Quantum Integrated Circuits (TM) – ASQIC's

Application Specific Quantum Integrated Circuit(s) or 'ASQIC's' were developed by and form the cornerstone of the Toridion approach to accessible quantum computing. We recognise that people in the real world don't understand or care how technology works. Business owners need to to know only that it does. Unlike the majority of quantum computing companies that focus on qubits and quantum programming, Toridion are focussed simply on result driven and understandable implementation. To that aim our product line is focussed on actual outputs and not the science. Our technology uses standard programming languages and approaches to solve difficult problems. You do not need to employ quantum scientists to use our technology – nor will you ever have to. Instead we are developing extensions to several common programming languages which can be substituted in a simple way for dramatic performance increases.  



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