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A New Species of Machine Intelligence

Despite our flaws, humans seem obsessed with building machines that think like us.  At Toridion we are building the foundations of truly self directed and imaginative emotional synthetic intelligence 'ESI'

Using state of the art self programming cognitive memory systems that learn, adapt, reflect and self repair, we are creating a technology foundation that allows machines to do truly amazing things.  Imagine a computer that can rehabilitate, learn to care, learn to take risks and most importantly generate spontaneous imagination to evaluate both the world around it and the mind within.

Rather than ask "what can this machine do for me?", ask "what can we do together if we cooperate?"

We believe such technology will be required as data becomes exponentially fragmented and unstructured and rather than try and use old tools to solve these problems, Toridion started from scratch to create a substructure capable of adaptive learning and reconfiguration without the need for programming or logic.


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