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Building Smarter Cities

Toridion are developing solutions for a new data landscape.

Our quantum inspired AI and Machine Learning technology introduces a new species of information storage, levering the very latest advancements in quantum and quantum inspired artificial intelligence and data processing.

We are building storage with intelligence, autonomy and self adapting capability that is not designed by us – but built into its very fabric.

Our solutions are focussed on augmenting existing infrastructure to allow planners, law enforcement and governments to build an intelligent new world.

The city of our future talks to its neighbour, learns from others mistakes and strives to protect and assist the citizens that fuel, live and work within it.

Welcome to our vision of the future city... not just “smart” but like the people it supports - “alive”!

A new paradigm of autonomous and intelligent networks can deliver the security, speed, anonymity and global access we need to meet the growing volume of data we produce, allowing us to advance in several key fields including:

  • Massive Data and Quantum Data Analytics

  • Anonymised Data Mining

  • Financial Technology

  • National Security

  • Education and Medical Research

  • Tourism & Leisure

  • Advertising & Media

  • Travel and Logistics

Although it's still early days, our cutting edge quantum neural networks can already scan millions of images per seconds, write their own software and even self repair. The potential of QNN's is truly just emerging, in 10 years we will look back and realise they have transformed the way we think about data interaction and storage”

Scot D. Forshaw - Chief Technical Development


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