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Decentralised Artificial Intelligence

The network of the future isn't just decentralised – it's intelligent and autonomous.

Being able to deploy autonomous artificial intelligence in a simple and decentralised way offers organisations unprecedented opportunity to revolutionise their operational efficiency. Toridion built the world's first decentralised artificial intelligence network based on quantum neural networks. The power of these systems goes well beyond simple cryptocurrency transactions and contract negotiations delivered by traditional networks. It is the dawn of self administrating, self healing, self protecting intelligent storage systems that can simultaneously power:

  • National scale anonymised data access

  • Image and facial recognition

  • Media and advertising

  • Policing

  • Healthcare services provision

  • Health data mining

  • Fraud detection

  • National security improvements

Decentralisation is the term used to describe information technology systems that do not rely on single or 'central' providers or hardware installations but rather on multiple nodes or agents which each maintain the others. Toridion quantum neural networks are decentralised by their very nature. Each able to operate independently or in unison. They can talk to each other and teach each other new things, or even help each other to repair lost or partial data through a self created language.

As either a private or public decentralised system Toridion Quantum Neural Network appliances can help organisations build a resilient, intelligent smart data fabric upon which to layer multiple client applications all without ever making a single document public.

Organisations can adopt them by changing almost nothing about the way they currently work, allowing the smart systems to begin learning in parallel and steadily deploying apps into the enterprise as required.

The network of the future isn't just decentralised – it's intelligent and autonomous.


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