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Toridion Quantum Computing

Toridion is a global leader in the design and development of nascent quantum memory architectures. Quantum memory simulations and associated hardware approaches have allowed us to unravel some of the most useable aspects of quantum processing that have immediate real world applications today – not in 20 years.

Our approach was simple but effective. Classical digital storage and processing is the reason we are facing the problems we face today.  Digital computing has a fundamental flaw in its very DNA. The logical conclusion was to find a new way to store data that learns from our past mistakes and lends itself at a fundamental level to quantum computing techniques.  To that end we developed Toridion Quantum Neural Network Storage.

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Learn more about our developments in quantum analog hardware designed to accelerate QML application through the use of Application Specific Co-processors We have recently made our authID API available in Beta with simple deployment options available on IBM Cloud and IBM PowerAI hardware as well as on-premisis options.  Explore our QML based API offerings and learn how Toridion can add value to your existing applications

Recent develpoments

We recently announced the successful application of Quantum Machine Learning to solve arbitrary 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles in minutes read full artice here

Toridion authID APi

Toridion™ authID API is now available in beta via IBM Cloud®. Radpidly adding state of the art anonymised data sharing to your web or native applications is simple via authID API.

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