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Partners and Outside Collaborations

From time to time Toridion may work with clients and/or engage in technical collaborations including the use, support or services of outside companies and providers in the course of its day to day business. For many reasons these activities may be confidential or of a sensitive nature and therefore may not be publically announced or may known.

Due to the high media attention (for good reason) often attached to Quantum Computing, and the general lack of deeper understanding on behalf of the general public, it is possible that some individuals or companies may try to mislead innocent individuals by the mention of Quantum Technology in their marketing when indeed they use no quantum technology at all.

In all cases where Toridion has entered into a collaboration where the details of such are not confidential and Toridion have authorsied the outside partner, collaborator or client to make public our relationship or such relationship is not confidential, we shall publish the name of those on the list below.

If the company, entity or individual making a claim to be working with Toridion, using our technology or services is not listed in the below, they are not working with us and you should exercise caution as to the validy or nature of the claim or contact us by email for validation.


Current or past public collaborations, projects, suppliers or partnerships 

  • IBM
  • PCCW
  • Farmourcloud ASIA
  • Visicom Scientific Software
  • Cryptoball Forex Analytics


QubitTech Statement 

Our official statement on QubitTech is located here [PDF]



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