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Quantum Cloud Computing API

Integrate quantum machine learning into your mobile apps, websites and IoT devices and projects using the applications you know and love... That is the goal of Toridion's Quantum Machine Learning API!

Machine learning is a powerful technology with the ability to transform the applications we build with state of the art features like face recognition, adaptive security and natural language processing.

The problem as we see it is that currently adopting these technologies is beyond all but the most advanced programmers and web developers.

Toridion are changing that with the development of a universal API function set that can be accessed via cloud or directly from your own in house Toridion TQNN appliances without having to recode.

We have created Toridion API to take advantage of our state of the art quantum neural network technology and begun the creation of a simple set of functions to processes data, images, sounds and text using easy to understand and code functions directly from Javascript, PHP, JQuery and other common programming languages and frameworks.

Beta testing

We are currently working with several partners in the national security and retail sector testing and refining the API for full scale roll out. For more information contact us directly.

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