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The Quantum Computing Future

In a future in which Quantum Computing dominates the power landscape, there is no place for "business as usual"

Whether we choose to ignore or meet the challenges facing future computing technology, one thing is certain - Quantum computing is going to change the very fabric of our lives, from the way we spend money to the way we treat cancer.

The power of quantum computers lies in the way it processes information and there are several demonstrated examples of how quantum processing can accelerate specific tasks by factors of millions when compared to a standard computer.

Most research and development efforts are focussed on the development of huge cryogenically cooled quantum computers with multi million dollar price points.  Even if these machines come to fruition (and as yet only 1 has been claimed to come close), the likely result is that they will not be accessible to all but a handful of organisations able to meet the cost.

In a world with diminishing resources and real challenges in terms of health, nutrition and energy - this is not a quantum computing future we aspire to.

Toridion Project are committed building quantum technologies to meet the demands of global business and citizens alike

We see a future where quantum computing is compact, efficient, inexpensive and available to everyone.


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