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authID on IBM Cloud

Deploy TORIDION authID™ API [BETA] on IBM Cloud™ 

Rapidly build cloud based critical 'Data Fabrics' on a global scale

Authentication without databases

Figure 1.0 A Typical instrastructure layout for an authID API installation. authID API middleware is installed on scaleable IBM Cloud systems. Client applications from mobile, desktop and IoT interact with middleware cloud layer which handles all conmmunications with the TORIDION CORE ML technologies. 

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TORIDION authID API is an enterprise class 'Data Fabric'. Powered by cutting edge Quantum Inspired Machine Learning, it offers parallel search capabilities that readily exceeds 100's of millions of records per-second across multiple agencies. The database is no longer a suitable tool for national and global organisations to share and validate mission critical data. Our Machine Learning technology provides the solution by storing data in powerful neural networks rather than performance limited 'table structures'.

Our Data Fabric implementation empowers developers with paradigm shifting capabilities allowing software and IoT systems to:

  • track data at national population scales
  • validate documents and biometrics against billions of records in seconds
  • cross check data across thousands of endpoints globally without leaking personally identifiable information

"It offers instant secure access to personal and critical identification information and a truly secure fabric upon which to build data sharing systems at global scale"

The ability to share data safely and instantly across multiple 'non-connected' data providers for the purposes of validation is essential to the development of seamless and truly ubiquitous global identity tracking. TORIDION authID offers an industry first technology that fully mitigates data breach concerns, whilst allowing personally identifiable information to be validated by multiple agencies – regardless of who own it. Furthermore - because the system does not actually store any personal data, it is systematically easier to develop GDPR compliancies into your application stack.

Authentication without databases

Figure 2.0. A example application use case for immigration and border control. authID API is used in parallel to cross check travellers against international criminal records.  

Benefits and usage examples

  • Add ultra fast data validation to existing applications
  • Ultra secure
  • Share data and credentials across multiple agencies/organisations
  • Rapidly deploy mobile apps to validate critical data/identification documents and certificates 
  • Integrate validation/tracking technology with IoT/NPR and Facial Recogition systems with ease
  • Police database sharing
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Traffic enforecment
  • Visa and travel
  • Missing persons
  • Watchlists
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Internet of Things IoT integration
  • Financial services and security
  • Physical 'bricks and mortar' security and access control systems

Figure 3.0 shows a simplified overview of how authID can bridge databases amongst multiple services that are traditionally unconnected. For example, the API can allow a Customs Officer in one country to perform a global search for entry diqualifying convictions registered by the Police in another country. The key point to understand is that this can all be accomplished without actually sharing any identifable information or putting citizen data at risk of misuse.

Authentication without databases

Figure 3.0. authID allows multiple agencies to cross check a multitude of critical documents, records and certificates across traditionally separate systems.  


You can deploy the SDK and try the example apps directly from this page, however to begin using authID fully you will need to

  • register your SDK during the setup process to obtain APIKEY and APISECRET credentials or use pre-installed trial demo keys*
  • have an IBM Cloud account (inline registration for free tier available)

Download the SDK directly 

Try it out now?

If you are ready to try it out, you can instantly deploy TORIDION authID SDK directly to IBM Cloud using the button below.

The IBM Cloud onboarding will take you through all the steps necessary to deploy the example applications and frameworks required.


*demonstration keys are pre-installed into the repository bundle for developers wishing to try the API. All data stored using demo keys is volatile and is/may be removed at any time. You should not use the demo keys for any purpose other than evaluation of the API. Any violations of the demo credentials will likley result in restrictions being applied to offending accounts.


TORIDION and the 'Rainbow Chip' device are tardemarks of TORDION. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information on IBM® trademarks mentioned on the TORIDION website, please refer to IBM trademark information page.





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