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TORIDION to Launch Quantum Inspired Machine Learning Cryptocurrency Analytics Service to Augment Existing Robot Trading Strategies.

Toridion announce we will release the worlds first quantum machine learning powered trading analytics service aimed directly at trading robot builders and professional cryptocurrency traders in Q4 2020. The trading anaytics service API will use TORIDION's TQNN Quantum Inspired Machine Learning [QML] platform to deliver a Distributed Fintech #DiFi service that allows traders to scan the entire history of cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat currency market data and obtain statistical analysis for 1 to 23 hours forward in a matter of split seconds.

Scot Forshaw lead developer at TORIDON explains “Our QML system can generate statistically meaningful market insights from datasets with 280+ billion data points in under 1 second. These results can be directly interfaced using Javascript and other scripting languages into traders existing robots, offering unprecedented market insights that will eventually span 24 Fiat and 12 crypto currency pairs”.

The new service builds on 3 years of research and development on forex data processing using quantum inspired neural networks (TQNN), a technology in which TORIDION are class leaders. TQNN was launched in beta in early 2020 via IBM cloud, todays announcement continues our commitment to bring the power and value of quantum data processing to the desktop for all users.

TORIDION CEO/Co-founder Per Lind says “Trading is a tough game, especially for new traders, so this new analytics service we believe, will give insights that would traditionally take hours or even days to compute. Being able to gain statistical and probable behaviour insight into some future position of a currency requires huge amount of processing and complexity. We have trained billions of factors into what may be the worlds most comprehensive QML financial neural network. It's a game changer for Distributed Fintech and a real demonstration of the power of Quantum technologies!”

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