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Privacy policy and terms of use.

This site uses cookies for the tracking of your order and to keep track of your wish list and other personalised settings.

The cookies we store do not contain personally identifiable data such as names or email addresses.

We do not use your personal data that you may give to us for anything other than processing your order or to ensure the intended function of the website.

We do not ever pass on your details to third parties unless that third party is required to know it to carry out the service.

We may from time to time request from your browser your location to improve the service we offer you and to show you products that we identify may be useful to you.  You can opt out of this service when asked.  We will not track your location unless you tell us this is OK. 

If you have an account with us you may opt out of promotional and regular e-mail by unchecking the "include on mailing list" option.

If you have questions relating to anything please email us via the contact us page.




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